re-register a car or any vehicle in France

Not many ex-pat motorist realise that from 1 May 2014 a contrôle technique (UK MOT) from any EU country is now accepted to re-register a vehicle. Please note that your MOT must be less than six months old to qualify. As this law is quite new it is also advisable to print a copy of the law from the link below and take it along with you for your Controle Technique.

You will also need to change the headlights to LHD, but some later vehicles do have an adjustment for this, especially vehicles with xenon headlights. You do have to have the headlight stickers fitted to change the lights on your vehicle before you get of the ferry to France. These stickers will probably not be enough to pass the controle technique in France, despite what some people might claim.

re-register a car or any vehicle in France

This is what you will need to re-register a car or any vehicle in France

Proof of identity. (Passport )

Proof of residence/address (property title deeds, rental contract, utility bill, insurance certificate)

A copy of the foreign registration certificate. (log book) but you need to fill in the tear-off export declaration slip from your V5C registration document and send it to the DVLA at Swansea. Make sure you retain the V5C as you’ll need it to register here

Copy of the Certificat de Conformité European (issued by the manufacturer or their agent) or an Attestation RTI, this is the proof that your car has been manufactured to meet the standards in France. If you vehicle is not that old, then it’s normal to find a copy of the manufacturer’s certificate of conformity inside the owners manual/service book. If its an older car, then you’ll need to write to the manufacturer and ask them for one. There’s normally a 100-130 euro fee for this although some will issue them for free.

A copy of the certificate of purchase and customs clearance certificate – VAT Paid certificate (quittus fiscal). Visit your local Hotel des Impots and ask them for a quittus fiscal certificate. You’ll need to take  your V5C, original invoice/receipt (though for older cars, they don’t always ask for it) and a utility bill. The certificate is free and incorporates your authority to drive your UK car on its foreign plates for a month whilst you arrange registration.This you get from your regional tax office & proves that no import tax is due.

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