Which house pizza is best?

The best pizza in America has become a political football.

Pizza is a hot topic in the 2016 election and this year, the candidates have their own ideas about the best pizza.

The 2016 presidential race is about to get political, and pizza is no exception.

Candidates from both parties are weighing in on which house pizza should be eaten, what type of toppings to use, and whether a pizza should have any toppings at all.

And according to The New York Times, this is where it gets political: “The question of what constitutes pizza toppings is an issue that divides the candidates.

Many Republicans are wary of using cheese, while Democrats view toppings as a concession to their pizza-loving base.”

If the candidates are so concerned about toppings, how does that affect the quality of the pizza?

If pizza is going to be a political issue, we can only hope that candidates from both political parties are more forthcoming with the answer.