When it comes to ‘ghosts’ in a haunted home: A guide to the best haunted houses in Ontario

A guide on how to get to a haunted mansion and what to look for.

(6:35)A guide to ‘haunted houses’ in Ontario and Canada.

(8:15)Read more:The Ontario government is in the process of updating its Guide to the Haunted House Regulations (GHSR), which governs the sale of ghostly goods.

The rules also include a section on ghostly homes.

Ontario’s Ghost Hunters Association (OGA) says the changes would help ensure that people buying or selling ghostly products are informed of their rights.

“It’s very important that people understand that you can’t sell a ghostly object,” said OGA president Anne Frank.

“You can’t put a candle in a home and then put a lantern in the living room.”

Frank said she believes the changes will make it easier for people to find the right haunted house.

“The people that are buying these things are not the only people that have haunted homes.

It’s a growing market,” she said.”

And it’s something that we’re looking to keep up with.”

The rules have sparked a lot of interest among ghost hunters.

“I think it’s good to have that guidance to make sure that everyone is aware of their legal rights,” said Frank.

“Ghosts are really important to people and they are not just things that they can put in a place to see what happens.”

The government says the GHSR is designed to give people in Ontario the same rights as anyone else.

“To ensure that this information is available to all Ontarians, and to ensure that they know their rights when buying or renting a ghost or haunt, the regulations will also include sections on the rights of property owners,” said an OGA spokesperson.

The guidelines have been under discussion for more than a year.

OGA is hoping to see changes by the end of the year.