What’s happening in Hyatt’s US stores as the company’s sales slump continues

Hyatt is reporting its third straight quarterly decline in sales.

The company’s stock fell 7.4% to $40.50 per share.

It’s the worst-performing share price in five years, and it came as the stock fell 5% on Wednesday.

The average investor will have lost about $1.15 per share in the past six weeks, according to FactSet data.

The stock’s decline has been driven by the company cutting back on employee perks.

As of December 31, Hyatt had 1,723 employees.

The loss of employees has hurt the company.

The median company employee earned $53,600 last year, down 8.1% from the previous year, according a recent report from Nomura Securities.

Hyatt also has struggled to keep pace with new technology and a growing demand for food.

The number of online grocery shopping visits per person has more than doubled since 2009, according the Food Marketing Institute.

The growing consumer interest in grocery shopping is partly due to the rise in the number of food delivery companies.