What is a terrace and what is a house?

What is an “A” and “B” house?

 One house on the terrace or the opposite side of the street?

 The other is a “D” or “F” house, which is a building which can have a number of different purposes, such as an apartment building, a guest house, or a recreational or cultural area.

 Many people are surprised to find out they have two “houses” on their property.

The most common way to find a “house” is to ask around for the “house number” on the building, or the building owner.

For example, if the “B”, “F”, or “A house” on your property is on your street, you will need to find the building number.

You can also search the building’s “Terrace House” and/or “House Number” pages to find information on a particular building or on a specific time period.

If you are searching for a house on a street, it is a good idea to call the building you are looking for to find what the “building number” of the building is.

This information is often called the “address book” and is sometimes printed on the back of the house you are trying to find.

A more detailed information about a building can be found on the City of Dublin’s “Urban Area” website, which has information about buildings on the city’s outskirts and in the city centre.

Here are a few common questions that you may want to ask about a house: What is a balcony?

How tall is it?

What size is it and how much is it for?

Do the windows have a curtain?

Is there a toilet or washing machine in the house?

  If there is a toilet, can you wash yourself there?

Does the house have a pool?

Where is the backyard?

Can you drive down to the beach?

If there is no swimming pool, does it have a swimming pool?

How much does it cost to rent?

Will it be suitable for a child?

Has anyone lived in the building?

Why is there a dog on the property?

What is the name of the dog?

Who owns the dog and how long has it lived there?

  Who lives in the property and how often does it live there?

Where are the neighbours?

What happens if there are problems with the property’s upkeep?

The City of Cork has published an information leaflet that you can download here for your convenience.

There are also a number for the local authority that has responsibility for the property, and you can ask your local authority about the building.

These questions can help you to determine whether you have a house, if you do have one, and how you can find out more about the property.

You can also find a house’s building number by going to its “House Information” page.

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