Here is a list of links for useful information for ex-pats living in France


French Speed Cameras – Find a list of all speed radar traps in France on this comprehensive website, which includes photos of where the speed camera are mounted. The site is in French but very easy to understand.

Left Hand Drive Cars for France Germany’s biggest on-line site  for car sales – Thousands of LHD cars for sale in all countries not just Germany. Probably the lowest prices for left hand drive vehicles on-line or to compare prices.  Over 1.4 million vehicles advertised from all over Europe. The site is also in English and many other languages.

Home Garden and Property

The process for buying a house in France – From making an offer to getting the keys to you new French property.

English Helpline forFrance Telecoms/Orange/  Tel  09 69 36 39 00.

A website giving statistics for French property prices is which is site run by the Notaires of France, who handle the legal side. all property transactions.

Septic Tanks –  Everything that you need to know about Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment in France. Info supplied by Crystal Tanks.

Blog Post –  Septic tanks in France - More information about the fitting of septic tanks in France

Fosse and water treatment suppliers for France — A link to Fosse companies in our Business Directory.

Swimming Pool regulations for France


30.12.2013  The Connexion – BRITISH early retirees who move to France may have to take out private health insurance from the moment they arrive – after the UK government announced today that it would stop paying their healthcare costs. Read More 

Employment and Self Employment

Auto Entrepreneur info Toutes les Informations sur la Création d’ Entreprise et le Statut Auto Entrepreneur.
English translation of the French auto-entrepreneur system – ’auto-entrepreneur system (.pdf) by translator Alison Morton.


French school holiday calender   –  Le calendrier scolaire

Shopping and markets

A list of all the French Markets – Marches De France

Our listings for on-line Shopping and Grocery Suppliers