The ‘Housewives of Orange County’ star is leaving the network

With ‘House of Cards’ wrapping its second season on Netflix, one of its stars is leaving to take over a different cable network.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Katie McGrath, the breakout star of ‘House’ and the first person to be cast in the show’s Emmy-winning season, is taking over a network that has recently seen a slew of hits.

McGrath is joining a network known for its Emmy awards and the success of ‘American Horror Story: Coven,’ and she joins the network’s flagship cable network, FX.

McGrath is the first Hollywood actress to leave ‘House.’

She previously played Michelle, an older woman with a dark past who is a recurring character on the show.

She also played a woman who was a mentor to Claire, a former cop who was murdered in the series’ third season.

She had already won an Emmy nomination for her performance as Claire in ‘The Housewives of America.’

McGrathy’s move comes after ‘House,’ a show that was the highest-rated series on FX during its second year.

She was nominated for two Emmy awards, one for her portrayal of Claire, and the other for her role as Michelle.

In her new role, McGrath will play a single mom struggling to raise her two daughters after the death of her husband, played by John Krasinski.

The actress, who has two children with husband Benjy, says she is not looking for a big salary increase, and instead hopes to take advantage of the network that gave her a chance to work on a TV show in the first place.

“I love ‘House’, and I love FX, but I really do want to make a change to help this show continue to grow and grow,” McGrath tells the outlet.

“I want to be a part of the change that I feel like I’ve been a part, and I don’t want to miss a single moment of it.”

McGraths career has spanned the globe.

She starred as Claire for three seasons, and she was nominated twice for the role of Michelle.

McGraths latest role on FX was her portrayal as Claire’s mother, played with great power and complexity by Sarah Paulson.

She is set to debut her first episode of ‘The Other Woman’ on the FX channel on February 22.