‘The House of Barn House’: Inside a tiny home owned by two women

A tiny house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garden, and a kitchen is one of the first things visitors to Barn House, a community of 1,500 people just outside Atlanta, see when they enter the property.

Inside, the house has been converted from an original barn into a modern home.

It is surrounded by a lush and diverse garden, a wood-paneled porch and a pool that is open to the air.

In addition to its interior, the tiny house is a testament to a small-scale home, a small community, and an unusual lifestyle.

The House of Box, a.k.a.

Barn House in Atlanta.

(Photo: Courtesy of BarnHouse) Barn House is located in Atlanta’s southern suburbs, just outside the city limits.

Its owners, two women, bought the land for $7,500 from a church.

The owners moved into the home in August 2016 and have been in it since.

The house has a single entryway and a single, narrow staircase, which allows the owners to walk to and from the living room and kitchen.

Inside the house, the owners have an unusual way of decorating: They have put a lot of wood, stone, and tile into the house.

There are walls that are made of a mixture of different materials and there are two floors with different sized ceilings.

“The walls are very, very bright,” said Amanda Smith, the owner.

The interior of the house also includes a small, wood-frame fireplace and a wood stove.

The two bathrooms are a bit smaller than the standard 2,800-square-foot bathroom, but they are large enough to accommodate a shower and a sink.

“I think that we can do a lot more with the house if we put more of it in the ground, and that is what we are trying to do,” said Smith.

The living room is the main area of the home, and the other rooms are divided by a wall to allow for different kinds of space.

Each room has a different style and a different color scheme.

“There are a lot different styles that are happening with the walls and the floors,” said BarnHouse resident Stephanie Smith.

“It is kind of a different way of living in this house.

You can have the classic white walls, which you would expect, but there is a lot going on.

There is a new way of thinking about living here.”

BarnHouse owner Amanda Smith.

(Image: Courtesy Amanda Smith) Amanda Smith’s small home, BarnHouse, is located just outside of Atlanta.

It was originally purchased from a congregation.

The small home has been living in the barn since August 2016.

(Courtesy of Amanda Smith and Amanda Smith Family) Smith said she is excited to be able to share the house with other people.

“You can tell that this is an extraordinary community.

They are all so involved,” she said.

“We’re very grateful to have the opportunity to live in this beautiful, small house.

We just love living here, so we have been living here for almost a year.”

The BarnHouse was designed by Amanda Smith in the style of the Tudor-style houses of the 1800s.

The barn was donated to the community by an Atlanta family.

The family used the house for a few years before the owners purchased the property, but after it was donated, it has been used as a living space.

The main purpose of the barn is to serve as a sanctuary for the residents.

The people of BarnHouses are drawn to its quirky design, with a few quirky features that are unique to this community.

Smith said that the barn was built from a combination of wood and stone.

The wooden frame of the small house has the traditional, Victorian look and feel, and also has a lot o’ paint.

The walls are also covered with a variety of different wood- and stone-like materials.

There also are a number of light fixtures and other decorative elements, including a fireplace.

“When you go to see the barn you are not going to be disappointed with the beauty of this house,” Smith said.

The BarnHouse also features a small pool that can be used for sunbathing, soaking in the hot sun or just relaxing in the shade.

BarnHouse owners Amanda Smith (L) and Stephanie Smith have a swimming pool.

(Photos: Courtesy, Amanda Smith & Amanda Smith family) Smith and her husband, Matt Smith, are excited to share BarnHouse with the community.

“People really come and visit and say they want to visit,” Smith told The Washington Times.

“And I think we are doing a great job at making BarnHouse accessible to everybody.”

The House Of Box was also built by a congregation, but it is not as popular among the BarnHomes residents.

“This is not a big house for the BarnHouse community,” Smith explained.

“But we have gotten some people to come and say, ‘I’m going to