NFL to start a new delivery service on the West Coast

The NFL is launching a new, all-day delivery service for NFL players to get their favorite hot dogs, waffles, hamburgers, pancakes and other breakfast fare on the road.

The service is set to launch in October, with plans to expand to other NFL teams in the future.

“We’re going to be rolling out the concept over the next couple of months, so we’re not stopping at the NFL,” NFL VP of global distribution Jeff Biermann told ESPN.

“We want to be in every city, so there will be a bunch of teams doing the same thing.”

The service is similar to the NFL’s own delivery service, which is based out of Philadelphia and provides players and their families with hot dogs and breakfast items delivered by a truck to their homes.

Currently, the NFL offers free hot dogs from local businesses in the area, but it only allows fans to bring their own.

In its announcement, the league said that the new service will enable players and fans to get free food for just $20 per player per day, and will allow them to order a single hot dog for just about any player or team they want to.

The NFL’s service is expected to provide the team with the opportunity to raise money for the Super Bowl, which the Philadelphia Eagles will host on Jan. 2.