NFL-themed house has ‘survival house’ on Reddit

The popular subreddit for Reddit users is a “survival room” for their favorite players, with a “doll house” and a “lucky charm” all decorating the room.

The post on the subreddit titled “The house you always wanted to be a player in” has a photo of an original house, complete with the original wall and flooring.

The owner of the house told ABC News that it has a “fun and unique vibe.”

“It’s like a family that has been together for many years,” the owner told ABC.

“The players that I love, they all have this love of the game and I think the house reflects that.”

The owner says that he wanted to build something for himself that was a little bit different from the typical NFL home, and he wanted it to be something that people would appreciate and love.

The owners of the House of Pain, an “A.V. Club” award-winning reality show, have created a similar “survivor room” in their hometown of Tampa, Florida.

The House of Pleasure is a popular reality show that pits contestants against each other in a battle to survive, and is also home to “Survivor” star and “Surviving” creator, Chris Carter.

It is one of the most popular reality shows in the country, and featured several players on its “Survival” season.

The “Survive” producers have made it a point to highlight the house’s unique look, and the owners have created something that is definitely not a typical house.

“It has a really fun and unique feel,” the owners told ABCNews.

“It’s really fun to play in, you get to hang out with your friends, you have a nice view of the beach, you can take your family and all your friends to the beach.”

The owners say they have created their own version of the “survive” house, and that they plan to bring it to more homes throughout the country in the future.

“I’ve built a lot of different houses over the years,” said the owner.

“I think I’m just getting a little too old for this one, so I’m looking forward to making more.”ABC News’ John Bohannon contributed to this report.