Jeffrey Bezos says he is “proud” to have been ‘a part of the history of innovation’

Jeffrey Bezzos, the former CEO of Twitter, has said he is proud of the fact that he is the founder of the Twitter and LinkedIn platforms, which both were created after he left Twitter in 2017.

“Twitter and LinkedIn are both very, very good products,” Mr Bezos told CNN.

“They were really groundbreaking and very revolutionary, and they had very, big potential to change the way we do business.”

“And the question is, if I hadn’t had the opportunity to build them, would I have been so successful?”

Mr Bezzs said.

“You know, I was proud of that.”

He also revealed he will be “playing a big role in shaping” the next chapter of the company.

“I am going to be a part of that history of innovating in social media,” Mr Seccombe said.

The former Facebook CEO and the co-founder of LinkedIn also said that the next step for him would be to work for Twitter and work on new products, like the social media giant’s photo-sharing app, and the company’s augmented reality product.

Mr Bezs said he was working on a series of “transformative projects” with the company, including new products for mobile and “the next phase of our company”.

The Twitter and Facebook founders have previously said the company is focused on the future.

“We’re in a phase of transformation where we’re making some of our biggest strategic decisions for the company,” Mr Zuckerberg said last year.

The CEO of LinkedIn has said it would be “crazy” to leave Twitter and “unwilling to change anything”.

But Mr Beezs said: “We are very excited about the next phase.”

“We have a lot of ideas for products and we’re just exploring them,” Mr Boeser said.

Facebook shares fall after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says ‘not yet’ the company has plans for social media The share price of Facebook jumped more than 8 per cent on Thursday to a record high.

Shares fell $7.60 in early trading, after Mr Zuckerberg told investors that the company had not yet decided whether to buy the social networking site.

The Facebook shares fell 2 per cent after Facebook shares plunged 7.5 per cent in late trading.

Facebook is valued at $18.9 billion, or £12.9bn, according to FactSet.

Mr Zuckerberg also said he expected to make more public announcements about the future of Facebook’s products, including its augmented reality app, “as we see it” in the near future.