How to prepare tofu for home use

Preparing tofu is a breeze.

But how do you know what you’re going to eat and where it’s coming from?

There are many different ways to prepare it.

If you’ve never cooked tofu before, you can get it at a local Asian grocery store.

But the key is to start with a little rice, which has all the right ingredients for the dish you’re about to make.

If there’s nothing else in the kitchen, you’ll probably want to cook some rice at home, too.

If rice isn’t your thing, you may want to look into making your own.

You’ll want to get a little starter rice to use as a base.

If all you have is rice, that’s okay too.

You can make your own rice with a few ingredients.

Start with a packet of rice that contains the essential ingredients.

The rice is soaked overnight in water and then covered with a thin layer of flour.

It’s the rice that will make your tofu.

This method will make a light and fluffy batter that’s very tasty.

To make it thick, you’re likely going to want to use more flour, or you can use the same amount of soy sauce as the rice, but leave out the salt.

You may also want to add a little soy sauce to the batter, and then stir in the remaining ingredients to thicken it up a bit.

Once your batter is nice and thick, add in some sliced tofu, a little more rice, and a couple of tablespoons of sesame oil.

This should be the base of your tofu recipe.

Stir in some shredded cabbage to make the tofu sauce.

If your tofu isn’t very thick, use some minced or diced vegetables instead.

To finish, top it with some fresh chopped red onion.