How to get rid of annoying phone ads on your Facebook feed

You probably already have a Facebook account and you’re probably in the mood to start using it, but how to get your Facebook ad removal request approved?

It turns out there’s a lot of steps involved in that process, but here’s everything you need to know.


You’ll need to go to Facebook’s Support Page and fill out an online form.


Once approved, Facebook will send a letter explaining why you should be allowed to continue to use the ad. 3.

You will then have to reply to the letter with a response, which is essentially the same as when you logged in to your Facebook account.


You can reply to Facebook directly by visiting your account’s page, clicking on “My profile,” then clicking “Reply to me.”


Once you’ve sent the reply, you’ll be able to go back to the Support Page to check your status and add your name.


If you are approved, the letter will show up in your account history, so you can keep using your Facebook accounts until the approval process is complete.


Facebook will then notify you that your ad has been removed.


You should now see your ad removed, but Facebook will still send a confirmation email to you.


If this process didn’t work out, you can always send a request to Facebook again.

This time, Facebook has told Polygon that it will contact you to ask for more information about the issue.


If all goes well, you will receive a new email with your confirmation.


When you receive this email, you should click on the link below and fill in the same details as you did when you first submitted your ad request.


After confirming that you have been approved, you have until March 19 to submit another request to get it removed.