How to get rid of a dog on Airbnb: How to clear house

A homeowner in New York City is now facing eviction after Airbnb banned her from her home.

Kim Kardashians new home in the Catskills was shut down on Wednesday.

The house has no heat, no running water, no garbage, and no pets.

Kardashes attorney says the house is not safe and is not her property.

“I feel like the entire community of New York, and all of the city, are going to be in a state of shock,” she said.

Kardashi said she has lived in the house for four years and has never had a problem with her landlord, who owns a property in the neighborhood.

Airbnb has said it will not enforce the ban on Kardashingians home.

But Airbnb has refused to take any action against Kardashedian, who rents the house from a company called Homeschoolers for Kids.KARDASHI says the problem is the lack of an eviction notice.

“If they didn’t have a notice they could have gone to a judge and I would have been out of there.

But they had a notice that they would have to evict me and they had to put me out on my own,” she explained.

When CBC News asked Airbnb for comment, a spokesperson said the company does not comment on specific situations.

Airbnb is now reviewing its policy and will provide more information as soon as possible.

Airbnb said it was reviewing its policies to make sure they are clear.

The New York attorney general’s office says it is reviewing the policy on Airbnb to see if it is legal and will respond as soon it is available.

The Homeowners for Kids site states that the site is a tool for parents who are facing eviction.

It states that it is not a residential listing, it is intended for families who are planning to move out of their current homes and need help with the rent and utilities.