How to get rich in life without going bankrupt: quiz

The answers to a quiz about getting rich in the UK.

“I think the problem is the same in every country that I’ve been to,” said Mr Abbott, whose own life has been defined by financial insecurity.

The quiz asked students to find a job, save for a deposit and pay down a debt to pay for a down payment.

If they can manage that, they can start investing in property, a new car, or a new business.

Its not a big difference between Australia and the US, where most people start out making their own money.

Mr Abbott said that even though Australians have more money than Americans, they are less likely to have saved for a retirement.

He said the gap between rich and poor was widening and was expected to get worse over time.

In Australia, the average salary was $110,000 last year, down from $117,000 in 2016.

But the average income for a full-time worker in the US is $170,000, while the average Australian earned $51,000.

Even though the median household income in the USA is $62,000 a year, the median family income in Australia is $65,000 per year, according to a new report by the Institute for Public Policy Research.

What’s more, the income gap between Australia’s richest and poorest people is widening.

For example, the top 1 per cent of Australian households earned more than the bottom 80 per cent combined in 2015, while Australians in the bottom 20 per cent earned less than the top 40 per cent.

A lot of the blame for that is placed on the government’s welfare system.

Many Australians feel they are not receiving enough from their welfare entitlements, Mr Abbott said.

They think they are better off because they get to keep all their tax benefits, and there is no income tax.

So they think that they are being paid more.

I think a lot of Australians think that the problem isn’t government, it’s the private sector.

That’s the real problem.

We have to get back to the truth about what is happening in our society.