How to get a bitcoin exchange account in Australia

There’s a new cryptocurrency exchange in Australia.

Called Coinlab, it’s part of a new bitcoin exchange company called Coinlab Group.

Coinlab will be based in Sydney and is looking to expand its existing bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform to include an Australian exchange.

CoinLab’s founder, David Prentice, has been involved in Australia’s bitcoin ecosystem for many years.

He was the founder of Bitcoin Australia, which has been running for the past six years.

Prentice says the Australian exchange is set to be one of the first of its kind.

He says Australia’s exchange is a step in the right direction.

“There are many places to get exposure to Australian bitcoin.

We’re very happy with our current exchange.

It’s going to be a very fast-growing market,” he says.

Prentices first came across the concept of a bitcoin trading platform when he started his company’s Australian subsidiary, Coinlab Holdings.

Coin Lab was one of several exchanges in Australia that started trading bitcoin in 2014.

CoinLAB’s new exchange will be the first to operate in Australia, Prentice said. “

When the Bitcoin Cash price started to fall, there was a real opportunity for an Australian bitcoin exchange to be part of that,” he said.

CoinLAB’s new exchange will be the first to operate in Australia, Prentice said.

“It’s a very exciting time for Australia, as we’re starting to see the introduction of new financial technologies that will be very beneficial to Australia.”

Coinlab’s website explains its purpose: “We believe bitcoin is the most innovative form of digital currency that has ever been invented.”

The site says Coinlab aims to be the leading Australian bitcoin trading exchange.

Penders says the exchange will provide exposure to Australia’s burgeoning bitcoin industry.

“We’re very excited to be able to be an Australian company and have a foothold in the Australian market,” Prentice explained.

Coin Labs will be open to Australians and international customers who want to trade bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in Australia and to offer other services.

“As a new Australian company, we have to have a strong international presence to be competitive in the global market, Penders said.

He added that CoinLab will also be able offer services to local residents.

The Australian exchange will accept both Australian and foreign customers.