How to fix a hyderabad house plant

Hyderabad, Maharashtra — Bill Gates’ house plants were planted with his money.

And now, his home in Hyderabadi, India, has a $50,000 bill hanging over its head.

Gates, who lives in the sprawling mansion he built with his wife, Holly, and their children, is in debt.

But the $500,000, which is part of the Gates Foundation’s Global Growth Fund, has become an issue for his new home, according to reports in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Groups such as the Gates Fund have been helping governments and local governments around the world to address the root causes of poverty, including climate change, and improve the lives of people living in poor areas.

It’s a common practice to pay for plants that are locally grown, as opposed to large-scale production.

Bill Gates was the first philanthropist to give a million dollars to a local charity.

Now he’s facing a $500 million debt, The Wall St Journal reports.

Bill and Holly Gates are on a tour of India this week to discuss ways to improve the quality of life in India.

The couple has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into a number of projects in India, including building a school for girls in Hyderabad.