How to find Harry Potter houses on your property

Harry Potter is now a household name, and you’ll have to get creative to find the perfect home for the newest movie and book series.

You’ll also want to be sure to find a location with the right amenities, like outdoor seating, a backyard, a fire pit and a pool.

Here are some tips to help you find the right house for your family.


Choose the right size house to fit your family’s needs.

Some homes are more suitable for children and younger adults than adults.


Look for a location that has a quiet, well-lit area.

A place that is easy to get to and the best for kids to play.


Look at the type of house, and the size of the house.

If you have an adult-sized house, look for a smaller house with a lower ceiling and lower entry way.


If the house has an open entry way, make sure it’s large enough to allow people to sit and rest comfortably.


If your house has a porch, make it big enough to accommodate all the equipment that will be used.


If there’s a fireplace, make a good, large one, and it should be built into the back of the home.


If it has a large open fireplace, have it burn in a small pot, not in a fireplace box.


Be aware of whether or not the house is close to school, a park, a playground or other outdoor areas.


Make sure the house includes some sort of outdoor space, like a large tree or shrubbery.


If a house has indoor space, consider whether or, if not, have a balcony.


Make your home a family haven.

If possible, get a dog, or get a pet that’s friendly with kids.


Have a backyard or play area with lots of grass and plants.


Consider a pool if you have kids or if you live alone.


Make a list of all the items that go into your home.

If some of the items are out of date, or you don’t have a way to contact them, get the owner’s contact information and ask for updates.


Get some information about the property.

Look up the address on the property, such as a street address or an address in the county where you live.


Call the owner to get updates on what’s going on with the property and how the house can be used for the next film or book.


If all else fails, contact the owner of the property to see if there’s anything that can be done.


Be prepared to be an attentive and patient neighbor.

Your house should be easy to find and to access, and your neighbors should know how to interact with you.


If someone moves out, get your house back in order, with as little damage as possible.

If they can’t do that, move out of the family home and into an appropriate rental property.


Be wary of potential thieves.

If any of your neighbors leave their keys in the house, call the police immediately.

Call your local police department for a list and contact information of the owners of the keys.


Get a good sense of what the property looks like.

Is it an old house with the windows boarded up?

Is it a large, well kept house with lots and lots of windows?

Are there any old furniture or appliances in the home?


Check the water quality.

Check for leaks in the walls and in the attic.

Check if there are any water leaks in your basement.


Get to know the neighbors.

Talk to the people who live in the neighborhood and find out what they’re doing.

Get an idea of what’s happening with your neighborhood.


Ask your local fire department if it’s possible to help out.

They’re usually willing to help.