How to beat a 4th-and-3 situation at home

The next time the Jets are facing 4th and 2, you might want to take a look at the 4th down call.

It’s a common mistake that has plagued the Jets this season.

The team is now facing fourth-and 2 and trailing by seven, and the Patriots are running a simple fake.

New York has no timeouts and it’s 4:20 left in the game.

With a short field, the Patriots have to go for it on fourth-down, but it’s going to take some good luck to get the ball back.

Instead, the Jets attempt to run a simple down and distance play.

That would be a good play against a 4:10 timeout.

In this play, Brady takes a deep dump-off to the left, with Rob Gronkowski to the right.

Brady takes one-on-one on the edge.

The Patriots don’t get any help on the field from Brady, and it all falls into place.

In the video above, Brady hits Gronkowski with a great strike to the outside, then drives right up the middle for an 11-yard gain.

It shows off the pass rush, but Brady has some other great skills with the football.

It makes him a dangerous runner.

His first step is quick and his feet are quick.

His release is accurate.

Brady can get his hands on the ball and then make a play on it.

His accuracy is a big reason he’s been able to get his receivers open so often.

His ability to stay low in the pocket and get to the football with his feet makes him one of the most difficult receivers to tackle.

This play shows off Brady’s ability to get to his receivers in space.

Brady is just too good of a player to be stopped.

He can make defenders miss in this situation.

Brady has thrown for 2,622 yards with 12 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

The quarterback has only thrown for less than 5,000 yards once in his career.

That’s not even close to his career high, which came with the New York Giants.