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The House of Mirrors, a Melbourne-based company that specializes in custom home decor, has opened a new Melbourne-area location in Brisbane, Australia.

The house of mirrors, which houses its designs in a glass box, opened in Brisbane in November 2016.

The company said its new Brisbane office will “offer the opportunity to grow our international presence.”

It will be the first of its kind in Australia.

House of mirrors owner, John Mancuso, said his company wanted to be a global brand.

“We’re not just a design house, we’re a designer house, an urban house and an urban art house,” Mr Mancoso told ABC News.

“Our goal is to bring a whole range of contemporary and traditional art to Australia.”

The company opened its first office in Sydney last year, and plans to expand to other major cities, including Melbourne.

“It’s about the future,” Mr, Mancsoso said.

“The future is now.”

House of Mirror’s new Brisbane location is currently in the process of being built, but the company will be open for tours.

Mr Manco said he had not yet decided what design house he wanted to design a house for.

“I’d love to do a house of art, I think that’s a really cool idea,” he said.

“But that’s not what we’re doing right now.”

If I had to pick, I would go with a house that’s contemporary, that’s modern, that I’m really passionate about.

“The project will not be the only new home decor business opening up in Brisbane this year.

Melbourne-based house of m and other design houses have been popping up in other parts of the country in recent years.

In February, the company opened a Brisbane store, where customers can browse its collection of furniture and decor, and meet the team behind the designs.