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Swimming Pool Safety Regulations in France

France has the world’s highest rate of infant death by drowning in swimming pools.   All swimming pools  have to comply to the following: Enclosed by a solid fence that is a minimum of 1m20 high; it must not be […]

New Marks and Spencer store opens in Paris

Great news for fans of M&S with the opening of their new store in Paris and there are plans for many more M&S clothing and food stores in France over the next few years. Wednesday 23rd Oct a brand new […]

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Handy French property terms translated into English

Here are some useful  French property terms that might come n handy as a quick reference to save looking all of them up in an English/French dictionary. Here is a link that might come in useful as it is a […]

Septic Tanks in France – Fosse Septiques

 Individual French properties, sometimes even whole hamlets, can not be connected with the mains drainage network, generally because they are too distant or it is too costly or too difficult to connect them or create a new sewage treatment plant […]

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Torun Petit interior designer Languedoc-Roussillon

Interior design and upholstery repairs in Languedoc-Roussillon Torun Petit is a Swedish interior designer and upholsterer who now lives and runs her business in the Languedoc-Roussillon  region of France. Whether a  new covering  or a complete renovation, Torun will give […]

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Advice about your French septic tank

Tips on using a septic tanks in France – Fosse septic Septic tanks in France take all the grey water from the kitchen and bathroom, as well as sewage from the lavatory. The main thing to remember about the system is […]

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