A ‘proud’ family welcomes new baby into the family

A family from the northern NSW town of Ruckard has welcomed their first baby boy.

The couple who adopted the boy from a Sydney animal shelter and now live in nearby Wollongong said the arrival of their new baby boy, Jaxon, was an “honour”.

“We’ve always been very happy and excited and excited about the news that we had a baby boy,” the father and wife, who have three other children, said.

“It was very, very special and we’re very proud of that and we’ve been very excited about him.”

He’s a big, big, handsome boy.

“Jaxon was born to the family on March 12.

The boy is now in his early stages of life and they have not yet decided on what his future holds.

He will now spend the next few weeks at a family home in the town of Westfield before his future in foster care.”

We’re very happy that we’ve got this baby and he’s got the whole family around him,” the family said.

They have yet to decide on what he will be named.”

When he’s old enough he’ll be called Jax, but we don’t know what that name will be,” the dad said.