5 things to know about Loud House: the new home for all your podcast needs

Loud House is a new home to all your podcasts needs.

The home is located on a small lot in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

The space is quite spacious, but the walls and ceiling are covered in wood floors, which the house designer says gives it a “soft feel.”

The layout is quite straightforward: four bedrooms and two baths.

The kitchen is made up of two large, wood-burning stoves, one with a gas stove and one with an electric stove.

There’s a dishwasher and refrigerator.

A microwave and refrigerator are also included.

There are two outdoor living areas, a private garage, a driveway, and an attached carport.

The house’s exterior features a white picket fence, and it’s surrounded by woods and cedar.

It’s not surprising that the house is set up to be compact, given that it was built in a “small house” style, according to Loud House’s design director, Emily Brown.

“This is very different than many of the homes we build, and we wanted to give our guests a unique, contemporary feel, so we wanted them to feel like they were really in a small house,” Brown told Business Insider.

The house is currently available for $2.4 million.

It was built by the New York-based design firm of Cottons, Johnson, and Johnson.

According to the home’s description, the home has “no windows, windows, no lights, and no air conditioning.”

You can check out the entire home here.