When up-loading photos to many websites including our own, there is a limit to the size of the picture that you can up-load. Failing to re-size your photos will usually end up with the advert not loading and you have to start all over again.  It is very easy to re-size you photos before up-loading by following the few simple steps below.

Many pictured down-loaded onto your PC straight from your camera will be something like 2500 pixles  x 1500 pixles or a lot higher, but most sites will only let you up-load to 600 to 1000. We prefer about 600 pixels and if you resize in proportion it will be fine.

There are many different programmes to rezise photos, but to make things simple I will just show you how to do it using the simple windows paint programme.

1. Firstly check your photo size by right clicking on the icon and choosing properties and details, you will then see the size and this example is  256o pixels x 144o pixels. This is too large to load so we need to make it smaller, so as I mentioned before about 600 pixels is a goos size, however, as this picture is quite wide compared to it’s width I would set the width to 800 and the height will re-size in proportion.






2. To resize your photo right click on the icon in your picture gallery and click on edit on the menu that appears. In the top menu bar  and a box will appear like the one on the right showing you the actual size of the photo in pixels, if the pixel option is clicked.

To resize make sure the MAINTAIN ASPECT RATIO is clicked, then either change the value of  the horizontal or vertical. You can also choose not to have the aspect ration if you want you photo an exact size, but if the ratio differnce is too much you will have a distorted photo.

Once you have changed the size, click OK in the box, you picture will now be resized , but you have to save the changes you have made.


3. To save your re-sized photo, click on the FILE tap on the top left hand side, there will be a drop down menu to either SAVE or SAVE AS.  if you choose the SAVE option you will only save the original in it’s re-sized form. If you choose the SAVE AS you will keep the original but have to rename the new copy, I  sometimes add the size in the name so I know which is which.



If you are having any problems resizing photos please feel free to email us @ [email protected] or if you are having a problem loading an advert it is normally that your photos are too big. you are welcome to create the advert whichout photos and email us the photos and we will resize and add them for you.