Despite the French immigration policy being fairly restrictive, people are determined to earn their right to live in the country. With figures suggesting that the 9th most popular country to immigrate to France from, was the UK.
Now there are some certainly, obvious reasons to move away from the UK and in to the largest country in South West Europe, apart from the peace and quiet that comes with only having 115 people per square km, unlike the high figure of 260 the UK brags. These include the incredible holidays you get when working in France, for every single year you work you earn yourself 13 bank holidays and five weeks of paid leave per year! Most of which would be appealing for anyone.
Alternatively you might say working would have a much higher appeal since once your work over 35 hours in a week, you are paid overtime. Not all motivation has to be financial though, with some of the nicest landscapes from the picturesque beaches of South France, to the glacial landscape of the French Alps. Offering some of the best skiing in places such as Chamonix and Val D’Isere, holiday destinations however hold the prospect of attracting migrants to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that the French endure.
As well as the host of landscapes offered overseas from the UK some of the most renowned museums, such as The Louvre, are boasted by France. This means that there is a huge amount of tourism to capitalise on if you are in a trade where tourism plays a part in your income. France also holds the incredible ’24 Heures Du Mans’ – a twenty-four hour race, prompting some incredible nightlife around the event, where even the drivers can’t resist the nightlife and have been known to enjoy the nightlife as much at the fans.
France is evidently a country that has a lot to offer once you look a little closer. The biggest negative to migrating to France must surely be moving all of the belongings and furniture in your house all of those miles away to your new home. One company we know that is useful for this is Anglo French Euro Removals LTD. This is a company that offers removals to France or from France that I would recommend, making the migration a simple process despite it being across borders.

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