Sometimes in life if we had known what was around the corner, would we have taken a different route, or more so  if we had been warned what was around the corner would we have definitely taken a different route. In Shirley’s case  she would have definitely taken a different route when it came to her breast cancer treatment, but someone who’s caring hands she was supposed to be in did not give her all the details about the full side effects of her treatment, or alternative treatments.

Shirley’s book takes us through her up-hill battle with a drug company, French bureaucrats and her doctors to find out who had pulled the wool over her eye’s and also the eye’s of many other cancer patients. I think women would understand Shirley’s plight better as her hair loss felt worse than losing a limb, taking away her femininity, pride and dignity in on fail swoop. Yes her treatment worked, but she was not told of the true consequences, and of other slightly longer treatment, but with less side effects.

Karen-the donk-sOf course life was not all doom and gloom for Shirley, and her novel’s chapters  alternate from her personal campaign to her new life with her family, firstly in Brittany where they had a B&B and numerous animals to contend with, before moving to southern France for a more tranquil lifestyle. Pictured is Karen the Donk, one of the Ledlie’s many animals they kept while in Brittany.

Some books are entertaining, some are quite trivial, but what I can certainly say about ‘Naked in the Wind ‘ is that it is very thought provoking. In Shirley’s shoes, would you have counted your blessings and thanked God that your treatment had worked, or would you have gone into battle with a large drug company. This battle however was not really about compensation, but trying to dig out the real truth.

Did Shirley’s battle help her cope with her cancer and hair loss, was it a way to release her inner anger we all feel when diagnosed with  a serious illness and wanting to blame something or someone? As a reader I cannot answer that, but reading between the lines I would  say that Shirley has now decided to count her blessings and concentrate on living life to the full with her very supportive family. But I take my hat off to her for not giving up her fight to eventually find out the truth, her determination and courage were very inspiring.

Sometimes we all need to read a book to help us count our blessings,’ Naked in the Wind’ by Shirley Ledlie is one of those books.

You can find Naked in the Wind on Amazon US – UK –  FRANCE and many other countries in paperback form or in the Kindle version.

Amazon UK -Paperback – Naked in the Wind: Chemo, Hairloss and Deceit
Amazon UK – Kindle Version – Naked in the Wind: Chemo, hairloss and deceit

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