The latest French  property market with the quarterly reports from Notaires de France

July 2014   Is confidence returning in the French Property Market?

The second-hand property market starting to recover?

For several quarters now, the papers have been talking of a “property bubble”, “coming price collapse”, “a freeze”, “beware of the rise in rates”, “wait-and-see policy in the market”, or even “deflation”… Renewed momentum in terms of volume has nonetheless been noted in recent months and could continue up to the end of 2014. Housing is a basic need. Densification is certainly helping to maintain prices. Demand is encouraged to concentrate more and more in major towns and cities in the name of sustainable development. The increase in conservation areas and new regulations for wetlands promote densification in this way. On the other hand, the trend in prices and volumes in brain drain sectors are seeing a significant decline.

Property Prices in French Coastal Town -A review of French coastal areas to try to analyse price trends in this special sector shows some important disparities depending on the regions. This is actually a diverse market, composed for a very large part, for certain towns, of second homes, and for other less tourist towns, of a more traditional market of main homes.

The New Build French Housing Market is in the Doldrums – The volume of sales is collapsing because prices cannot be lowered, at least in the short-term, notably in view of the rise in building costs, and demand from investors remains low. Unlike the second-hand market, the new-build market benefited from attractive measures, which have been cut back year after year. Moreover this sector suffers from a surfeit of regulations. When the building industry does badly… For a private investor, all this curbs or even cancels his motivation, quite often driven by the prospect of yield. A large number of first-time buyers are now excluded by the price levels practised once they lost access to the 0-rate loans. Yet lowering the rates is not enough to offset this loss of solvency. Will the government’s latest announcements on this subject relaunch the new-build property market.

Here is the full PDF version in English of the Notaires de France  July 2014 French Property Market Report

Now is still the time to buy property in France – In conclusion it is still very much a buyers market in France, but maybe there are slight signs of a stabilising or even a slight increase in prices in some areas of the second-hand French property market.  We have all types of French properties for sale in all regions of France, from private sellers and French estate agencies.