Sick or injured abroad – Did you buy Travel Insurance?
By David Deverson Travel Insurance correspondent. Globelink Travel Insurance
Sick or injured abroad – Did you buy Travel Insurance?
If you become sick or are injured abroad you should seek medical attention locally if you feel you need it. Your travel insurance should cover most of the cost if you have taken out a decent policy.
An emergency abroad can be extremely expensive even within Europe, and relying on an EHIC or TSE is most certainly not to be recommended, particularly with the severe austerity measures being applied by some countries.
If you need to be returned home, it could cost you many thousands of pounds, unless you are adequately insured. Here are a few examples:
£35 – 50,000 for an Air Ambulance from USA
£12 – 18,000 for an Air ambulance from the Greek Islands
£15 – 30,000 Scheduled flight, stretcher and doctor escort from New Zealand
£27,000 Cost of medical treatment and repatriation – Dengue Fever in Southeast Asia
£1,200 Broken arm in Italy
£300 Nose Bleed in Greece

Many people regret their decision not to take out travel insurance, some mistakenly think their credit card accident cover, home insurance or private medical cover is sufficient. Whilst others just take a chance on the basis that “it will not happen to me”.

If you want the travel insurance policy to cover you for claims relating to a Pre-Existing Medical Condition or anything else you are aware of which cause you to make a claim for cancellation or medical expenses, then you should check with the insurer to make sure they will insure you.

Make sure that your travel insurance policy includes 24 hour Emergency Service and Assistance, Personal Liability in case you are sued for causing injury or damaging property, Cancellation and Curtailment (cutting your trip short), cover for Lost or Stolen possessions. Does the policy cover you if your airline goes bust or for any hazardous activities in which you will participate?

Travel Insurance policies are meant to provide cover for sudden and unexpected events and therefore you should disclose anything that you are aware of at the time of booking your holiday or arranging your policy needs to be disclosed and accepted by the insurer.

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