Living in France we are surrounded by some wonderful places to eat, and some I have to say not so great. Some of the supermarkets also have an amazing selection of fresh food and again, some not so fresh. You can even buy frozen fish and chips in a box in some French supermarkets, but you cannot beat the real thing.


A seafood platter is the traditional dish for Christmas Eve and the selection of ready made platters which you can pre-order from supermarkets, is to say the least, exceedingly mouthwatering. You also can’t beat a local French market for very fresh food, which is another joy of living in France.

Fast food has taken on in France in a big way, although they were reluctant at first to let in the large US fast food giants, that you now see springing up everywhere. Personally I try to avoid them, as I find them over-priced and when you can get a 3 course lunch from ten to fifteen Euros at many restaurants in France, I know where I would rather spend my money.

Traditional British food is normally frowned upon by the French, unlike the Big Mac which they seem to have accepted now with open arms, or should that be mouths! However, one particular British dish that seems to be bucking the trend is Fish and Chips.

After a visit to one of our local bars by a mobile fish and chip van, I posted about it and was amazed at the interest it caused on one of my my blogs, so I decided to add a free directory for Fish and Chip vans and outlets in France here on the French Classified and Property web site.

I trawled the internet trying to add as many as I could find, which I have to say so far is just a small selection, a few were also recommended. What I have now found is that this section on my website has had over 150 hits in the last two weeks and features quite high on the search links. I would really appreciate it, if anyone reading this could recommend a fish and chip van or an establishment that has fish and chips on the menu, as it seems it is one little treat that some of us ex-pats miss.

OK, it is not gourmet food and will never compete with the Big Mac’s, but as I have found out by visiting our local bar every Monday night for my fish supper, is that the fish and chip aficionados that attend most weeks are made up of roughly 50% British and the other half French, so it seems the French are warming to at least one of our traditional dishes, which is no mean feat. We might have to work a little harder to persuade then to try a traditional ‘fry-up’ or ‘Yorkshire puddings’, but we have made a start.

frogs legs

I of course embrace most things French, which is the best way to be when living in any Foreign country and I would never want to force my culture onto another country. France is very proud of its food heritage, so I can sometimes understand the reluctance to try dishes from across the Channel, but as we have embraced most foreign food cultures in the UK, it would be nice see the growth of at least one of our traditional foods, here in France.

‘ Vive Le Fish &Chips’

Please email us if you know of any Fish and Chip outlets in France not listed in our directory, or if you offer fish and chips in France you can also create your own free advert here in our  French Fish and Chips Section.