I am sure it is not just French dogs that chase cars, but it seems that it is quite a common occurrence in France.

Dogs chase cars because of their prey drive, instinct to chase moving objects. If the car stops,  it is most likely the dog will stop chasing it and move their interest to something else. Although in saying that some French dogs seem to have a lot of stamina when it comes to chasing vehicles.

Naming your French dog can also be fun, so why not choose a real French name for him. For more French doges names and their meanings visit  i dog names in French,  but  here are a few examples and their meaning.

French female dog Names; Acelin (noble) Amabel (lovable)  Avril (april) Belle (beautiful) Celeste (heavenly) Cerise (cherry) Jolie (pretty)  – French male dog names ; Albert (noble and famous) Beau (handsome) Beauregard  (beautiful gaze) Coty (river bank) Elroy (the king)  Fitz (s0n) Garner (protect) Grant (great) Kalvin (bald)

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