Flies in France can be a real nuisance as the weather warms up for the summer, with matters being made worse if you are close to farmland.  Flies are also the carriers of  some deadly diseases, they infest meat and other food items, some of their species also spread food poisoning bacteria like Salmonella enteritidis.

The habitat of flies make them perfectly suited for spreading diseases. Fly is a restless insect, it moves back and forth between food and filth and this helps it in spreading infections faster. It is attracted to the food by its sense of smell, however it cannot eat solid food. When it reaches the food it vomits on the solid food and creates a solution of it, then sucks it and thus contaminates the food. All very unpleasant, but there is a way to deter flies entering the house and that is with the  Red Top Fly Trap ,Red top Fly Catchers or similar products.

How it works

red-top-fly-catcher-france Red Top Fly Catchers are a unique product from South Africa and are both safe and practical and easy to use. They use a non-toxic protein-based bait which lures flies through a turret into a three-litre trap from which they can’t escape. Around 85 per cent of the flies caught in the trap are female. By controlling the female, the entire fly population in the area can be brought under control. Once caught the flies cannot escape and the flies cannot build immunity to the bait. Red Top Fly Catchers are ideal for both home and commercial use. They should be situated a maximum of 15 metres away from your home, farm building or business premises so as to draw the flies away from the premises and into the trap.

Do they work? you might well ask as most people have tried all sorts of fly killers deterrents, some of the most popular here in France seems to be the sticky tapes that hang down, or the trusty fly swat. If I could come up with a better solution then I am sure I would become a millionaire over night, but going by the reviews that I have read about the Red Top Fly Catcher then it seems to be a good aid to getting less flies in the house.

Red Top Fly Catchers offer FREE DELIVERY IN THE UK AND EUROPE,  so it is probably the cheapest place to buy them on-line. We do not have any association with the company, but we feel it is a good product that seems to do the job. Visit their website for more details, using the highlighted links in red.

French version of Red Top Fly Catcher

I have also  come across a French version of this fly-trap called a Mouches-Clac Sac 25 and it was for sale at 15€ in Gamm Vert which is a French chain of Garden Centres. The tap is slightly different as there are two small packets of powders that you mix with have a litre of water, then add to the bag. The smell so far is not too strong, so I have hung it up in our small conservatory, I will let you know how it works as the principle is the same, but I feel the paid is not as powerful. I will have to order a proper Red Top Fly Catcher to compare, unless I receive a free sample in the post for the free publicity!

Update 24th June 2014

The Mouch’Clac Sac 25 is working really well catching plenty of flies, it took a week or so to work and smell! All  you have to do is just keep the water topped up. Our’s is hooked up about  two to three meters from our door and just above a bench where we sit outside. I have had to move it on a few occasions when we are sitting there having a snack or lunch outside, but it is no hardship and I do feel we are getting less flies inside the house.