WHITBREAD has announced plans to expand its Costa Coffee chain into France.

Costa Coffee are set to open more coffee shops in France according to owners Whitebread.
Five shops more are set to open by the end of 2015, they already have four in Paris. American coffee shop chain Starbucks had a slight leap over Costa with many shops already in France.

costa-coffee-cups Will this mean that we will see the typical sight in most high street in Britain of carrying the obligatory polystyrene coffee cup, as people head off to the office in the mornings or at lunchtime. Or are the French to cool to adopt yet another US craze that the British have taken to their hearts and will still prefer the old tradition of sipping their espresso’s on the terrace of a traditional French cafe, smoking the obligatory cigarette. I am sure some of the young chic Parisians have already adopted the Latte or Mocha caring habit, but maybe the old set will be slower on the uptake.

Of course take-away coffee is now big business with profits at Whitebreads coffee chain’s 1,755 shops in the UK and Ireland rising by 22% to £110m with revenue at stores open a year or longer up 5.7%. Knowing the French they will create a new law setting a maximum price for a Latte or a Mocha, or adding a new tax on take-away coffee.

I did venture into a Costa Coffee shop on my last trip to the UK and was asked if I wanted a normal or a large coffee. Being used to the tiny espresso style of cup in France, I thought I would prefer a decent cup of plain white coffee so I ordered the large.

Little did I realise how large it would be and that I would need two hands to hold it!

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