You are spoilt for choice when it comes to advertising your French business, French property or gite rental in France,  there are many free French advertising websites and others which cost a small fortune to advertise on.
Obviously some of the high cost sites do have an enormous amount of traffic to their websites and they do spend a small fortune on SEO and advertising, obviously this has to be paid for by their advertisers and can get them good results for a short campaign. In the long term this can become very costly, so it is best to also have a yearly presence on the internet for your French business or property advertising.
This is where French Classified and property can be of assistance in longer term promotions, as we offer free and  very low cost long term advertising for France.
 Advertising that covers the whole of France or any region
We have various sections for businesses, tradesmen and property sales and rental advertising that covers the whole of France or one or any number of set regions. Even though you might have a house for sale in Brittany, you still might like to attract buyers from all over France. Or you might have a business based in Normandy, but deliver goods or services in other regions. We have an interactive map on our website so people can choose any region to look at, so you can set your advert to appear in any region or regions in France that suit you best.
Cost of advertising your business on French Classified and ClassifiedWe offer free listings for all French businesses , but you can up-grade to a featured advert or banner advertising at very competitive rates.

FREE Property sales and rental advertising for France 
Our new French property sales  or French holiday Rentals sections offer a search facility for browsers and you can uploads 6 photo’s and full property details.   .
Free Business Classified advertising for France
French classified now have numerous tradesmen and business directories where you can be added for FREE. You can have a short description about your trade of business and an email and website link, we do really appreciate a link back to French Classified and property from your websites for this free service, but it is not compulsory.
How can you judge the effectiveness of paid advertising
This is sometimes like asking how long is a piece of string, as prospective clients will be linked directly to your website or use an email address or phone number that you provide, so there is no real way to measure how people found you, as they do not always tell you or cannot remember.They might also visit your site at another time, going directly to your website.
The idea of long term low cost advertising is to always have a presence in the market place, and our job is to drive traffic to your websites and make your potential clients aware of you at a very reasonable annual cost.
Please email us if you have any questions about advertising on French Classified. We also promote our advertisers on this blog and on Twitter and Facebook.
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