In a recent survey France was voted the top county for holiday’s by leading travel writers. Top airline was British Airways, with Virgin Atlantic a close second.

Top holiday site 101 Holidays  conducted their biggest ever survey of the UK’s travel journalists to find their favourite cities, countries, beach resorts and airlines. They asked them where they would go if they could have a free airline ticket anywhere in the world, and where they would travel if they paid for their own holiday. they also asked them which destination they would never want to visit again.

More than 100 writers and editors took part in the survey, including many of the UK’s most experienced and influential travel journalists from Simon Calder of the Independent to celebrity travel writer Ben Fogle, plus travel editors at publications such as the Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Tatler, Lonely Planet, The Daily Mirror and Wanderlust Magazine.

First we asked the question that every travel journalist finds most difficult to answer: What is your favourite country? France  topped the poll, closely followed by India, with two other European countries – Italy and Spain – in the top 10. The UK appears at number 7 behind the USA, Thailand and South Africa. Perhaps surprisingly, there was no room amongst the winners for either Greece or Turkey.

1. France
2. India
3. Italy
4. USA
5. Thailand
6. South Africa
7. UK
8. Spain
9. Japan
10. Australia

To read the full interesting survey just visit the 101 holidays  website

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