Have you published a novel about France, or are you an author living in France?

The biggest problem I have when I published my first novel, was to get people to know about it without paying out a small fortune. I did find Twitter and Facebook very useful for promotion your novel, but you cannot stop there as you always need to promote to new audiences.

We can offer you a free advert about your book or books in our French book category in our Classified Adverts section in French Classified and Property.

Just register on our website in the classified section and create your advert. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself, your published novels and any others in the pipeline. The more you add to you advert the more hits you will get. You will find a few example adverts in the section to help you.

Then add the website link to your website, face book or Amazon page for your book. If you would like us to add links to all your books on Amazon, just email us and we will add this to your advert. You books can be fiction of non-fiction, cookery books there are no restrictions.

We do really appreciate any link back to our website main landing page as this also help us a great deal with search engines to have quality link backs in the form of a simple text or we can custom make a banner to the size you prefer,or chose from ones we have ready made here.

Why are we offering this free service you might well ask.

Well as I have said I have published a novel and I realise how important self-promotion is and I have a lot of help from many other authors, so I do not might helping others back. Of course the more adverts I have on my website relevant to France then the more successful my website will be, so it’s a little give and take as it were.

Just email us for any help.