Leboncoin is the most popular website in French for buying and selling items in France, with over 1.5 million hits a day.  All of the adverts are in French and cover every region of France , so you do have a massive audience for your advert on Le Bon Coin. If your French is not so good, then use Google translate, it is not perfect but I am sure most French speakers will get the gist of your advert. Also you have to be prepared for French speaking enquires if you have added a phone number, so again if your French is not that good it is best to rely on email as again you can use Google translate.

You can advertise a whole range of goods on Le Bon Coin for FREE  including property, cars, household goods, animals  and jobs offered and wanted. We do recommend using Le Bon Coin as it is free and easy to use and you will have a vast audience, although like on any classified website you will get some false email replies, but that goes with the territory. Le Bon Coin – Petites annonces gratuites

An English Version of Le Bon Coin – French Classified and property is like a smaller English version of le Bon Coin,  you can add similar adverts in English (or and French) as we mainly target English speaking ex-pats in France, although we are attracting more French advertisers to our website.  We do not charge for basic adverts, but make a small charge for website links and featured advert.

Obviously we do not have the vast audience that Leboncoin.fr has attracted since it started in 2006 as they mainly attract a French speaking audience, but the site is also used by thousands of ex-pats in France. However, the more adverts that we have on our website then  the faster will obviously grow as well.  French Classified and Property is purely a classified advertising site for France, without the presence of a forum to detract from the advertising, so people are drawn to our site solely  for the adverts.

Here on French Classified there are many sections where you can advertise personal items for sale in France for FREE , or you can up-grade to higher profile paid adverts. We offerFREE  property  advertising in our French Property for sale section. We also have a section  French holiday rentals listings, or again you can up-grade to a featured advert.

Buy or sell any personal item in France including cars, furniture, household goods or advertise for employment offered and wanted in our FREE French Classified  adverts section.

We have a dedicated  section for all types of businesses in France, again we offer a low cost basic listing with an up-grade to be featured on the top scrolling banner and at the top of your selected section.

 We also offerlow cost basic listings for English speaking  Builders and tradesmen in our French Builders directories for all regions of France, with the option to upgrade to  full page paid featured advert.

So if you are looking for Le Bon Coin in English then why not give our website a try, you have nothing to lose as all our basic listings to sell your unwanted goods fro sale in France FREE of charge.  Please see our advertising rates for upgrades and banner advertising.