Why take Travel Insurance? Do I need it?
Holidays and trips are special times but accidents and losses do happen and its better to set off knowing you can relax and enjoy yourself by having taken out Travel Insurance.
Most Travel policies offer a “package” with a comprehensive range of cover.
Medical Expenses
- Will cover injury or illness abroad. Hospitalisation as we know can be very expensive indeed, particularly in the States where medical expenses can run into 6 figures very quickly. Even in Europe if repatriation is required, costs can exceed 25.000 Euros – All companies have a 24hr Emergency helpline.
Trip Cancellation / Curtailment
- Should illness or injury occur to an insured person (or close family member) causing cancellation or curtailment of the trip, then compensation can be claimed for costs incurred for travelling home, and for prepaid holiday costs such as hotels, excursions etc
- Insurers will pay up to a specific amount depending on the company for accidental loss, theft or damage to baggage. They may also offer at their option to replace or repair the lost or damaged baggage.
This section of cover normally also offers to pay compensation ex: £100 if the baggage is delayed for more than 12hrs for the purchase of emergency replacement clothing etc.
Personal money, passports
- Depending on the policy, cover will extend to theft or loss of money and personal documents such as passports, driving licences, visas etc – Any losses or theft should be reported to the police and a report obtained.´
Valuable items / Personal Effects
- It is advisable not to take unnecessary amounts of jewellery, valuables, cameras etc with you as all travel policies offer limited cover for these items which can be as low as £100 per item! Again, any losses or theft should be reported to the police and a report obtained.
Missed or Delayed Departure
- This cover extends to failure of public transport, accident / breakdown of the vehicle you are travelling in; strikes, or adverse weather conditions causing delay in getting you to your departure point and missing the scheduled departure time. Compensation is available for additional accommodation charges, and travel expenses in reaching your destination.
For delayed departures normally should a delay of more than 12hrs occurs it is possible to claim for refreshments / meals / phone calls etc – where receipts would be required to substantiate these costs.
Winter Sports Option
 This cover is usually available as an option and obviously most important to those on ski holidays. Apart from offering medical cover in the event of accident or injury, the policy will normally extend to cover Ski Equipment (loss / theft or damage), ski equipment hire cost (if prepaid) which cannot be used as a result of injury or illness, even Piste Closure should the resort be closed for example lack of / or excess snow or an avalanche etc.
This summary of a typical travel Insurance Policy is meant to act purely as a guide.
Each Company has its own conditions and limits for individual cover so as always it is well worth looking into the “small print”.
All Insurance Companies will ask for details of recent medical or ongoing situations and these have to be declared, if not should a medical claim arise it could well be declined. Most medical conditions can be covered, some at a small additional cost, but well worth it should an onset occur abroad which could result in costly treatment.
Premiums are age related, some companies offer a discount for couples and quite often a family package where some children travel free of charge.
If you travel more than twice a year an annual multi trip policy is more cost effective than taking out single trip policies, also confirm that the Insurers will cover your Departure / Residence from France because many on line policies only have a UK departure / residence address to validate the policy.
Travel Insurance is very inexpensive these days – don’t travel without it!
This editorial was provided by Expat-Travel-Insurance, specialists for both Expats and Local nationals living in France, providing Travel cover for those requiring either Single trip (no age limit) or Annual multi trip options (to age 85) with online quotations and immediate policy issue.